The mission of Imperial Special Ltd. is to erase language and customs borders in the world of logistics, creating a commonly understood and accessible approach to doing international business in the world economy, to simplify the crossing of state borders.
OOO “Imperial Specialty” has taken a step by creating a group of companies located in different countries. The role of not just a transport organizer, but a diplomat, which we take upon ourselves in the course of delivery, allows you to be sure that all issues – from balancing the mentality in different countries to documentation and technical issues – will be resolved without any effort on your part.
Our aim is to provide participants in foreign economic activities with comprehensive logistics solutions that would contribute to the development of their business, by:

  • development and implementation of optimal logistic schemes of movement and management of commodity flows from consignors to consignees;
  • continuously improving the quality of services that fully meet customer expectations;
  • compliance with all agreements reached with clients.
    The values of Imperial Specialty LLC are the things without which we could not exist fully. We value customers for trust, partners for reliability, employees for professionalism, and IT products for innovation.