The multifunctional transport and logistics company “Imperial Specialty” offers professionals in the field of transportation the opportunity of professional realization as part of our workforce of more than 100 people.

Our specialization is providing a range of services “Warehouse+Transportation”. Among the assets of the company are a large fleet of vehicles, warehouse space of more than 20,000 square meters, logistics center. The central office of LLC “Imperial Special” functions on the territory of Omsk, there are additional warehouse premises in the Moscow region. We employ highly initiative people with work experience in logistics and with the knowledge of foreign languages. The availability of documents confirming education and experience is mandatory.

At the moment we are looking for qualified experts for the following positions:

  • accountant;
  • CE category driver;
  • Manager of logistics.

For persons with their own vehicles or license to drive trucks, there are always offers of cooperation in the field of cargo transportation. We are glad to have on our staff professionals who know how to handle loads: packing, unloading and loading, forwarding, customs clearance, warehouse security, etc.

If you are interested in building a career with us, then send your resume to the mail of HR-department of the company:     Specify the job title in the subject line.

Advantages of work with us

Every new employee of our organization gets a chance to be employed at the central office of Imperial Specialty LLC or in one of its departments:

  • to find application of his/her professional skills and knowledge;
  • to build a career in international logistics;
  • Upgrade their skills through our paid training courses;
  • earn enough money to cover all their needs;
  • Work in a team with the most favorable social and psychological microclimate.

The workforce is one of our corporate social responsibility priorities. Imperial Specialty creates an optimal work environment for its personnel at all levels, eliminating irritating factors and stimulating the fulfillment of actual work tasks. In the event of social and health problems of employees or their families, we provide as much help and support as we can, including financial support.

Employees of Imperial Group are positioned by us as members of one big family, each of which has the right to a decent life. We help our employees not only to provide themselves with a financial cushion, but also to develop professionally and intellectually and to build a career.

For newcomers and people who have just started their work in international logistics, we offer tailor-made training programmes, hand-outs and coaching sessions. All these measures help to get oriented faster in the workplace and simplify the performance of daily tasks with a practiced algorithm of actions. During the probationary period, each employee is assigned a supervisor who helps them get up to speed as quickly and naturally as possible.